IFAD IFORMATION & TECHNOLOGY LIMITED (a sister concern of IFAD Group, Bangladesh) brings you its very own GPS based vehicle tracking and monitoring solution- “iTracker”  to manage your business fleet. If your business is a part of an industry that uses or offers transfer and delivery, “iTracker” is all you need! It is the  ultimate Fleet Management Solution for your business which will help you supervise and control your vehicles in an automated, smarter and simpler way.  iTracker is not only destined for corporate operations, but also can be used to manage the personal vehicles as well. We are highly committed to give you the most  affordable,  user-friendly and feature-rich vehicle tracking solutions. Give us a call today or request through the online Registration and ensure your vehicle safety to the max.

BTRC Approved
BTRC Approved
Member of BASIS
BTRC Approved
Member of VTSPAB
BTRC Approved

Features at a glance

iTracker has a rich set of carefully crafted features that all professionals find important.

Add-on features. Terms & Conditions Apply.

Live Tracking

Tracking: Monitor your vehicles from your smart devices anytime, anywhere!


Download iTracker app to your mobile devices and enjoy more dynamic one-touch access.

Alerts & Notifications

Get real time updates in all forms so that you do not miss any message.

Over Speed Alert

Fix your peak speed limit and get notified on exceeding it.

Nationwide Installation

Upon request, we install devices at your preferred places.

Remote Shutdown

Immobilize your vehicle remotely in case of theft or any other unauthorized use.


Download App

Now tracking is just one-touch away! All you need to do is Download the app to your smart devices & log in.