Asset Tracking through Vehicle tracker in Bangladesh

Your vehicles and equipment are one of your company’s most valuable assets, so you should adequately track and care for your fleets. Effective fleet management is a vital part of increasing fleet productivity so your company can cut costs, protect its drivers and provide optimal service. By evaluating your needs, you’ll be able to optimize […]

Maintaining the safety of your fleet in Bangladesh

Maintaining the safety of your fleet is a crucial part of operating a successful service or delivery business. Reckless driving by your employees can hurt your business’s reputation, cause major financial losses and pose risks to other drivers on the road. In contrast, safe driving establishes trust with clients and helps reduce the chance of […]

Employee Monitoring

One challenge that many trucking and service delivery businesses face is employee monitoring. How do you know whether your drivers are practicing safe and efficient habits? Could they be violating the rules of the road without your knowledge? Speeding can compromise the safety of your fleet and decrease fuel efficiency for your business. That’s why […]

Automate Fleet Maintenance With GPS Tracking Solutions

Did you know that with GPS tracking solutions, you can automate fleet maintenance and create a safer, more convenient job experience for drivers? Automation has taken over the competitive market, helping workers tackle both simple and complex jobs with greater accuracy. Modern tracking software includes features to streamline many tasks, letting you manage inventory, set […]

GPS bus Tracker

If your company transports buses over long routes, you likely want to keep track of them. Our GPS bus Trackers do just that by providing the technology needed to monitor buses effectively. Since buss often carry expensive cargo, we ensure our bus trackers provide a wealth of data to help you better protect them. For […]

Do you have the correct tracking system? Check it out!

For the fleet manager or business owner in Bangladesh, a GPS device tracking system does more than streamline fleet operations. It helps businesses in a variety of ways, from increasing staff productivity to reducing manual labor. But, with so many GPS device monitoring solutions on the market, how can you be sure you’re choosing the […]

Fleet management as a supply chain tool in Bangladesh

Professional task management and workflow should increase fuel efficiency in order to cut costs and advance to the next level. This necessitates a system that allows for online tracking of the vehicle’s data. GPS fleet tracking software would connect the cars and provide complete information on their location. This is one of the most crucial […]

Using vehicle tracking: Where are your vehicles at the moment?

Dhaka city has been ranked as the 7th least safe city to be living in. The survey results came in at the near end of 2021. Your precious car which is a prized possession for you might be at stake without your supervision. The status of your vehicle should always be under your radar. There […]