Why Do You Need Tracking Solutions for Your Rental Company?

Do you run a business that rents out vehicles? Do you notice that the equipment frequently breaks down and the individual who hired it provided you with incorrect information? Have you ever been the victim of rental abuse or worse, theft? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should continue reading. GPS […]

The Benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking in Bangladesh

How GPS Vehicle Tracking Can Help You Save Money on fuel in Bangladesh If you were asked to develop a list of the advantages of GPS vehicle tracking, fleet fuel savings definitely wouldn’t be near the top of your list. Are you aware of the whereabouts of your trucks in the field? Most likely at […]

GPS Trackers in Bangladesh-Their Functions,Features,Types

What You Should Know About GPS Trackers: Their Functions, Features, and Types If you’re a business owner with a fleet to track or simply want a trustworthy tool to help you with instructions, a GPS gadget for fleet monitoring will come in handy. The global positioning system, or GPS, was first utilized by the military […]

How GPS Trackers make Bangladesh’s lives easier

Technology has provided us with many improvements and conveniences over time, particularly in recent years, that have made our lives easier and more efficient. With the use of cars, boats, planes, and other modes of transportation, it is now possible to travel thousands of miles in a few hours. It is now faster and easier […]

Fleet Safety Improvement and induction in Bangladesh

Employees who drive carelessly can harm your company’s brand, incur significant financial losses, and endanger other drivers on the road. Safe driving, on the other hand, builds client trust and helps to lessen the risk of accidents. Maintaining the safety of your fleet is an essential component of running a successful service or delivery company. […]

Various benefits of Fleet tracking in Bangladesh

Fleet tracking comes with a variety of other benefits, including: More control: GPS tracking gives you more control over routing and helps you plan future routes with features like iTracker’s Map Replay. The map shows the vehicle’s direction with an arrow icon. When you click on an icon, you can see how long a driver […]