GPS Trackers in Bangladesh-Their Functions,Features,Types

What You Should Know About GPS Trackers: Their Functions, Features, and Types

If you’re a business owner with a fleet to track or simply want a trustworthy tool to help you with instructions, a GPS gadget for fleet monitoring will come in handy. The global positioning system, or GPS, was first utilized by the military before being made available to the general public in the 1980s and being fully operational in 1995. In the form of different GPS trackers, it involves a network of satellites that offer exact location, time, and even weather information for commercial, personal, and military uses.

The information is delivered to users via a GPS navigation device, also known as a GPS receiver. This can be found in your smartphone or purchased at a nearby electronics store. Different GPS trackers are basically devices that can provide accurate information no matter where you are in the world. They do, however, differ in terms of characteristics.

How GPS Trackers Work

Humans have been looking up to the sky for instructions for a long time. Satellites that orbit the planet in a strategic position give data to GPS units, which are continually listening and analyzing all of the signals received. The GPS units then calculate their distance from these satellites and use that information to help establish location using GPS. All of this information is subsequently displayed on the GPS unit’s screen or application.

Simply put, GPS tracking is a method of determining a person’s or object’s actual location. A GPS tracker can be attached to a pet, a loved one, a vehicle, or even luggage to track their location in the event they become lost or forgotten. Commercial, industrial, and military applications are all possible with these devices. Overall, GPS tracking is a useful and adaptable technology that may be applied to a variety of situations.

Choosing the Best GPS System

When looking for the best GPS device on the market, cost-effectiveness, functionality, and real use are three crucial elements to consider. You can get this for a fair price almost anywhere. Look for a variety of GPS trackers that are both affordable and have positive consumer feedback. New brands can be considered, and they normally come with a trial period during which you will be fully paid if you have any problems.

The Most Important Features of GPS Tracking

Real-Time Tracking

The first feature you should search for in a tracker is real-time monitoring. “Real-time monitoring” simply means that a person, item, or vehicle’s location is tracked as it moves from point to point on a map. You shouldn’t be concerned because practically all GPS trackers include this feature. They deliver reliable location updates to their users at regular intervals of 10, 30, and 60 seconds. When utilizing the tracker to monitor a car or even a fleet of cars, this feature is extremely useful. And they can do more than simply tell you where your vehicles are; they can also tell you what they’re doing right now, such as when they’re idling or speeding. When utilizing the tracker to monitor a car or even a fleet of cars, this feature is extremely useful. And they can do more than simply tell you where your vehicles are; they can also tell you what they’re doing right now, such as when they’re idling or speeding.


Another important aspect of GPS trackers is alerts. These gadgets, on the other hand, can provide a variety of notifications. One of them is speed alert, which allows you to be notified when the person, item, or vehicle you’re following moves at a breakneck speed. Another is motion alert, which notifies you when the wearer or vehicle to which the tracker is attached is moving. When your gadget is idle or making too many stops, a tracking device can alert you. Another feature you’ll appreciate is the geo-fencing alarm, which allows you to define a specific safety zone for your tracker. You’ll get an immediate notification if the zone’s limits are breached. Finally, you should seek for SOS alert, which allows the wearer or user to send out an immediate cry for aid in the event of an emergency or disaster.


In this day and age, when everything is connected to everything else, it’s critical to invest in a tracker that allows you to view its data from anywhere on the planet. You should be able to access the data via a variety of platforms, such an app or a website. It’s also beneficial if the tracker you buy offers numerous tracking options. It should, for example, include GSM, Bluetooth, and WiFi capabilities in addition to GPS. Finally, your tracker should have global access so that you can easily retrieve the data on it no matter where you are in the world.

User Friendly Aspects

Most people who have never used a GPS tracker are afraid of them because they believe they are overly complicated and consequently impossible to operate. When you invest in a high-quality tracker, however, you should not expect this. When looking for a tracker, aim for one with a user-friendly interface and a device that is simple to use in general. Some devices are ready to use right out of the box.

When looking for the best GPS tracker, it’s important to remember that not all trackers are made equal. Some trackers come with additional functions and are pricier than others. But don’t imagine that function and affordability can’t coexist. It is feasible to discover a tracker that has all of the aforementioned functions while remaining within your budget.

iTracker is just such a tracker. It makes use of cutting-edge technology and services and is offered at a reasonable price. Users may utilize iTracker’s portable device and smartphone application to keep track of everything from their vehicles to their personal fleet. It has a long list of characteristics, including the ones we mentioned earlier. Last but not least, it has a reasonable monthly membership fee, ensuring that you can take advantage of all the benefits that GPS trackers have to offer without breaking the bank.

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