Why it Pays to Budget for a Fleet Management Solution with iTracker

When budget planning time rolls around each year to address the needs of your fleet, the focus likely is on those big-ticket items—perhaps acquiring that new snowplow your municipality desperately needs, or the refrigerated unit your rental company has been holding off purchasing for a couple of years. However, what may not initially be top-of-mind […]

How to Audit Your Fleet’s Performance with iTracker (+ Why It’s Important)

Your fleet’s performance can make or break your company’s budget, reputation, quality of work, employee safety, and more. Keeping accurate and consistent records is a cornerstone of any fleet manager’s workflow, but taking it a step further and auditing your fleet’s performance is where the magic happens. How does one go about performing a fleet […]

6 Tips to Prevent Distracted Driving in Your Fleet with iTracker

Distracted driving is one of the most tragic daily occurrences. While it’s so easily preventable, it’s still responsible for injuring close to half a million people — and killing several thousand. And while the consequences are inherently devastating, they can become even more exacerbated if you’re deemed to be liable for someone else’s negligence. Therefore, […]

How iTracker Improve Your Team’s Driving Habits to Protect Your Fleet

Your fleet’s driving habits are integral to your business’s success. Speeding and distraction are just some of the factors that can affect your fleet liability, costs, and delivery accuracy. Cultivating a culture that considers driving best practices from the moment they join your fleet will benefit your business in the short and long term. What […]

6 Benefits of Having iTracker Dash Cams in your Fleet Vehicles

Dash cams are becoming increasingly popular. They are fun but also very beneficial. If you run a business like managing a fleet of trucks, dash cams can protect your valuable assets. The goal of a dash cam is to record what happens during a ride. With that in mind, we want to talk about why […]