6 Benefits of Having iTracker Dash Cams in your Fleet Vehicles

Dash cams are becoming increasingly popular. They are fun but also very beneficial. If you run a business like managing a fleet of trucks, dash cams can protect your valuable assets. The goal of a dash cam is to record what happens during a ride. With that in mind, we want to talk about why you should install dash cams in your vehicles and the main benefits of having dash cams in your fleet vehicles.

Record an Accident

Road safety is one of the main concerns for every fleet manager. Their job is not just to protect their drivers, but other civilians as well. Ultimately, the goal is also to protect the business from lawsuits due to reckless driving.

While there are many commercial fleet management trends in 2022, adding a dash cam to your vehicle is something to consider. It allows you to record an accident and collect data on what exactly happened.

Monitor the Behavior of Your Drivers

Undisciplined behavior and unsafe driving may cost your business a lot. One reckless driver may cause a lot of harm to your company and cause deaths or injuries on the road.

With dash cams installed in your fleet, you are able to monitor your driver’s behavior. Knowing there is a dash cam recording what they do might push them to become better drivers and drive more safely.

Save on Insurance

Insurance companies love dash cams. They collect evidence that helps with every insurance claim. Many drivers also love dash cams because they protect them as well.

By installing dash cams in your vehicles, you could potentially save thousands of dollars on insurance premiums every year. Furthermore, you can easily prevent insurance fraud. Many drivers on the road fake accidents in order to claim insurance payouts against your policies.

Dash Cam Data Improves your Business

Dash cams can do more than record video. They can also record audio and communicate with GPS. You can use them to track the location or speed of your vehicles, or even discover traffic jams on the road.

Finding better routes is always beneficial because it saves time and money. Best of all, better cameras come equipped with LCD screens that make their use much more straightforward. Some dash cams have low battery modes and can last must longer before recharging.

Protect Your Vehicles At All Times

Once your driver takes a break or goes to sleep, the vehicle is often unprotected. Thanks to a dash cam, you now have the option to monitor vehicle 24/7.

Dash cams add an extra layer of security. If someone who intends to break-in sees a dash cam, they might change their mind.

As you can see, dash cams improve your vehicle’s security during driving and breaks.


Use Dash Cams for Training Purposes

When training new drivers, there is nothing better to show how a good or bad situation on the road can appear than with previously captured footage. You are able to replay actual videos of your drivers recorded with your dash cam.

Using these dash cam videos to train new drivers is extremely beneficial as it sets your standards right from the start.

How to Know What Dash Cam to Purchase

There are many dash cams on the market, but only a few can redefine your fleet management. When searching for a quality dash cam, you should look for:

Image quality: image quality dictates the quality of the video. The recommendation is to get at least 1080p Full HD.

Field of view: the horizontal scope on the camera can go anywhere from 120 to 180 degrees. The wider the scope, the more information you can collect.

Low-light conditions and night vision: this option should be required because the camera shines during low visibility, when the drivers don’t see well.

Automatic/manual recording: It is an excellent option to have a manual recording button. This way, you can record your route at a particular moment and keep the data on the cam. Loop recording usually overwrites it.

Loop recording: this option exists on almost all quality dash cams. Loop recording always overwrites old recordings with new ones to save space on the camera.

Impact detection: When there is a sudden change in the moving speed, usually caused by a crash, the impact detection setting tags the video at that moment and takes it out of the loop so it is not overwritten with new material.

GPS functionality: if you are willing to spend a little extra on your dash cam, you can purchase one with  GPS functionality.

Parking mode: Parking mode makes parking easier, which is a fantastic option for larger trucks.

Warnings for drivers: some dash cams use add-ons with algorithms for collision detection. This sends notifications to drivers and raises awareness during driving.

Rear camera option: A rear camera is just an excellent addition to your vehicle. You can see what happens behind your vehicle, which can also help with situations when someone crashes into you from behind.

WiFi connection: with WiFi-enabled on a dash cam, you can download an app to your smartphone and use it to control the dash cam.

Benefits of Having Dash Came in Your Fleet Vehicles

As you can see, there are many benefits to having dash cams in your fleet. If you are willing to spend a little extra, you can even get features that low-cost dash cams do not have.

Contact us today to learn how iTracker can help you select the perfect dash cam for your fleet.

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