The top six ways fleet tracking benefits small businesses in Bangladesh

The top six ways fleet tracking benefits small businesses in Bangladesh


  1. Optimize Fuel and Operational Costs

Optimizing your resources, particularly fuel, can also help you reduce overall costs. Behind driver compensation, fuel costs are the second-highest line item in operational costs for trucking companies. Whether you’re managing a few dozen vehicles or a thousand, fuel costs add up quickly. For example, unauthorized vehicle use also increases fuel costs, and iTracker system allows management to see if drivers are using business vehicles for other purposes. 

iTracker also allows fleet managers and owners to know when their vehicles are in operation or when drivers are speeding, which decreases fuel efficiency. With dispatching and route planning tools, you can ensure your team uses the most direct, efficient routes to their appointments and job sites to limit fuel use, eliminate idle vehicle time and make a positive impact on profitability. 

Obtaining data from your fleet management system enables you to gain more visibility into your operations and route history, helping you identify other areas for saving money, such as reducing insurance costs. Many insurance companies provide special discounts for vehicles with iTracker systems. These systems also allow you to monitor the status of your vehicle and track your engine oil and other indicators. 

With iTracker, you can also ensure your calculations for your workers’ time on job sites by using your location-based data. 

  1. Improve Safety Measures

Having well-maintained and serviced vehicles is a key step in upholding driver safety, but iTracker also provides many safety measures for your fleet and operators. Drivers with patterns of poor driving — such as speeding, harsh accelerations, running red lights, getting into accidents or ignoring traffic laws — can put their own lives and the lives of others at risk. Not to mention, they can run up fuel costs and damage your vehicles. 

Being able to monitor their driving behaviors will make it easier to coach them on safe driving practices to reduce the likelihood of a collision or traffic violation. iTracker also allows you to schedule regular maintenance and enable drivers to report vehicle faults or issues that need to be inspected.

In addition to monitoring your drivers for their safety, iTracker can also help you prevent vehicle and cargo theft. When you have a real-time, consistent location of all your fleet vehicles, you can quickly take action if one has been stolen or deviates from its instructed path. As a manager or owner, you can also have control over customizable geofences — virtual borders set for a designated location or area — that notify you when your vehicles are not where they’re supposed to be.  

Real-time location tracking is particularly beneficial for smaller businesses that may not have many backup or replacement vehicles available in their fleet. You will also be able to locate your business vehicles if your driver should get into an accident and stop responding to your attempts at contact.

  1. Increase Productivity 

iTracker enables you to increase fleet productivity by monitoring how long drivers and workers spend on each job site and checking that the nearest vehicle dispatches to a job for optimal workflow. Fleet management software lets you digitize your processes and tasks that help you become more competitive in your industry. You can stay on top of delivery times, assign tasks to idle vehicles and increase your number of trips per day to keep your business flowing.

  1. Reduce Administrative Labor 

Easily accessing important information through iTracker makes it easier to keep track of critical details and eliminate billing discrepancies due to digital timekeeping. iTracker will also help you reduce manual paperwork and minimize calls to drivers — letting you rely on your real-time dashboard and spend more time optimizing your supply chain and financial management processes. 

When keeping track of your assets with physical paperwork, it’s easy to make mistakes, misplace files or retrieve information when you need to double-check something. By handling your tasks in one central system, you can:

Plan your operations more productively.

Reduce administrative burden. 

Speed up your processes.  

Reduce human error.

Get notified every time your vehicles enter or exit scheduled destinations. 

  1. Enhance Customer Service

While keeping your business productive benefits you and your drivers, it also benefits your customers and lets you improve your customer service. With iTracker, you can inform customers of real-time vehicle location ahead of their appointment to provide them with accurate estimated arrival times.

Keeping your customers happy will help you sustain a successful transportation business by responding to calls quickly, delivering items on time and remaining predictable and reliable for your loyal customers. Bringing your customers these enhanced processes will also help you stay competitive.

  1. Improve Compliance

iTracker helps ease some challenges of your day-to-day operations, regardless of the size of your fleet. One of the most important aspects of your business is maintaining safety and compliance across your entire organization.

No matter how big or small your business is, it’s critical to accurately keep track and record information about your drivers, such as how long they’ve been on the road, the length of their rest breaks and how many hours they have left to complete their driving period. 

With iTracker and other fleet management software tools, you can notify drivers in real-time when they need to pull into a rest stop to take breaks or when they’re approaching the end of their shift. Making sure your driver’s hours are correctly logged will help you avoid violations and ensure your drivers are well-rested and productive during their shifts.

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