Can fleet tracking save money?

GPS fleet tracking can save you money. And there are fleet tracking benefits beyond just being able to locate your assets 24/7. Let us take a closer look at the benefits of fleet tracking. Reduced speeding Tracking your vehicles with GPS enables you to deal with repeated incidents of speeding. You can reduce the risk […]

How GPS Tracking Works

You may not know it, but you already have GPS fleet tracking. It just is not tracking your fleet for you. Cars, for instance, are the most sophisticated computers most people own. Even older models are filled with up to one thousand sensors. Most cars built since 2017 start copying personal data as soon as […]

How iTracker can fight against car theft

For a while, it seemed like car theft was going the way of the regular thefts and other misconducts. In Bangladesh, car theft rates are plummeting. In many parts of the country, car theft rates had plummeted by 60 percent. Chop shops and criminal car exporting operations were going out of business as increasingly stolen […]

Where to Hide a GPS Tracker on a Car

GPS trackers can be an enormously useful tool for tracking a stolen car and a wonderful way to track the people you love, but it’s almost never a good idea to install them in a conspicuous place. After all, you don’t want a car thief to find your tracker and disable it. You don’t want […]

Why tracking Device for bike is important

Motorbikes are probably one of the most preferred and the most used vehicles in all over the world. Now in most of the countries you can rent a bike to travel in the same way as you rent a car and these bikes are more preferred to travel in rural areas and hilly areas. Most […]

A Safety Option: Getting Your Drivers to Use dash cams

In an industry where companies are constantly vying for customers, prioritizing safety is one of the best ways to set your company apart. A safe fleet is a valuable asset that can help you attract and retain customers. That said, there is no doubt that using in-car video telematics is one of the best ways […]

What can measure the success of your fleet ?

  If you have a fleet management software supporting your fleet business, then you will be handling a horde of data and metrics that are generated every day. It could be overwhelming and may not even benefit you sometimes. That’s why you should choose the metrics that really can measure your fleet’s success. There are […]

How is GPS enabled fleet management software better than others

Most fleet operators and logistics companies who seek ways and means to save money and time for their business, now resort to telematics and software applications, as it does make a big difference to productivity and profitability. In fact, telematics software is now a recommended tool in fleet management, owing to the benefits accruing for […]

Tips for saving on fuel cost with iTracker Solution

With the recent fuel prices rise, every fleet manager now wants to cut fuel cost and save money. For this to happen Fleet Owners / Managers need to install Telematics technology solution that provides vehicle and asset tracking solutions that gives their businesses the tools they need to improve fleet management, increase productivity and reduce […]

How A Vehicle Management System (VMS) Can Help Your Operation

    Achieving true efficiency in your operational workflows requires two important components: reliable data and a means of control. If you’re treating your vehicle usage in and around the warehouse as a simple, untracked resource, you’re actually missing out on an opportunity to capture both of those components at the same time. Gleaning actionable […]