A Safety Option: Getting Your Drivers to Use dash cams

In an industry where companies are constantly vying for customers, prioritizing safety is one of the best ways to set your company apart. A safe fleet is a valuable asset that can help you attract and retain customers. That said, there is no doubt that using in-car video telematics is one of the best ways […]

What can measure the success of your fleet ?

  If you have a fleet management software supporting your fleet business, then you will be handling a horde of data and metrics that are generated every day. It could be overwhelming and may not even benefit you sometimes. That’s why you should choose the metrics that really can measure your fleet’s success. There are […]

How is GPS enabled fleet management software better than others

Most fleet operators and logistics companies who seek ways and means to save money and time for their business, now resort to telematics and software applications, as it does make a big difference to productivity and profitability. In fact, telematics software is now a recommended tool in fleet management, owing to the benefits accruing for […]

Tips for saving on fuel cost with iTracker Solution

With the recent fuel prices rise, every fleet manager now wants to cut fuel cost and save money. For this to happen Fleet Owners / Managers need to install Telematics technology solution that provides vehicle and asset tracking solutions that gives their businesses the tools they need to improve fleet management, increase productivity and reduce […]

How A Vehicle Management System (VMS) Can Help Your Operation

    Achieving true efficiency in your operational workflows requires two important components: reliable data and a means of control. If you’re treating your vehicle usage in and around the warehouse as a simple, untracked resource, you’re actually missing out on an opportunity to capture both of those components at the same time. Gleaning actionable […]

What is Vehicle idling?

  So what is idle time? Idling means the engine is running but the wheels aren’t, determined by a speed of less than 1 km/h. When a commercial vehicle is stationary, it’s unproductive whether the engine is running or not. Breakdowns and unscheduled maintenance are valid reasons for a vehicle to be idle with the […]

Geofence and its use in Bangladesh

What is a geofence? A geofence is a defined area in a virtual setting that corresponds to a real-world geographic area. Geofences are used in a variety of applications. Primarily, they are used to notify fleet managers of events happening outside of an allowed area, to say whether an action is allowed or disallowed based […]


One of the more advanced features of a GPS tracking system is the ability to create geofences with triggered alerts. What are geofence alerts? Geofences are designated areas that you can define on a map. They can either be a certain radius around a single point or any shape that you create from several points. […]

Effective fleet management with iTracker

Your vehicles and equipment are one of your company’s most valuable assets, so you should adequately track and care for your fleets. Effective fleet management is a vital part of increasing fleet productivity so your company can cut costs, protect its drivers and provide optimal service. By evaluating your needs, you’ll be able to optimize […]

The top six ways fleet tracking benefits small businesses in Bangladesh

The top six ways fleet tracking benefits small businesses in Bangladesh   Optimize Fuel and Operational Costs Optimizing your resources, particularly fuel, can also help you reduce overall costs. Behind driver compensation, fuel costs are the second-highest line item in operational costs for trucking companies. Whether you’re managing a few dozen vehicles or a thousand, […]